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batch ;; 15

32x icons
;; final fantasy (VII, XIII, dissidia, etc)
;; kpop (shinee, exo, btob, 2ne1)

icon07 icon20 icon21
icon30 icon28 icon29

final fantasy (dissidia, XIII, XIII-2, lightning returns, crisis core);

icon13 icon09 icon11 icon08 icon12(01-05)
icon07 icon06 icon05 icon02 icon01(06-10)
icon18 icon17 icon16 icon19 icon21(11-15)
ion24 icon20 icon15 icon14 vanille(16-20)
icon22 icon23(21-22)

misc kpop (btob, exo, 2ne1, shinee);

icon31 icon30 73600_528956380462989_220239341_n_large icon28 icon27(23-27)
tumblr_mhnqhyjBy11rw74vuo1_500_large icon26 icon25 icon24 icon29(28-32)

{make sure to credit emmyxogast or dead_bites if taking any.
{don't claim as your own/textless icons are not bases.
{comments make my day and i'd love to know what fandoms people want icons of most.
Tags: game: final fantasy 13, game: final fantasy 13-2, game: final fantasy 7, game: final fantasy dissidia, kpop: 2ne1, kpop: btob, kpop: exo, kpop: shinee
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